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New Guardian- Chapter 38
So, after a while, I was making this an M chapter, but I decided against it. So it's a High T chap. and a long one, I think I'm not sure. Just ignore everything I put up here for now. Most of the stuff will be in the next 2 chaps. Still mention of rape, abuse, crap like that, but you'll get the aftermath of whatever happens. still not sure how far/ where I'm going with this.
The cell door opened, and the not-Bunny, Bunny walked in. "So, you're awake. Lovely. Now, we can get down to business."
I glared at the non-Bunny. "Why did you kidnap me?"
"You see, there's something I need, and I needed leverage. First was you're Bunny, the other was you."
"And what is it you needed?"
"My brother." I looked at him.
"I don't believe you."
"Well, either way, you're stuck here." He motioned for me to walk. "Walk down the hall and take a left. If you try to run, I'll do worse than knock you out." I stood slowly, walking through the hall, the not-Bunny following behind me.
(Bunny POV)
I was forced to w
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New Guardian- Chapter 37
"Bunny." Jack poked him with his staff, no response. He tried again, same result. Everyone exchanged looks, and then suddenly Bunny was gone. He wasn't laying on the ground.
"He's gone." North's voice thick with his Russian accent.
"Pitch, what's going on?" Tooth flew over to him, Baby Tooth following. He didn't look at anyone, he was looking past them. "I know you know. Tell. Us."
"He's- Oh, no." There was a crash through the window, and Pitch pushed Tooth out of the way as a Boomerang almost hit her, hitting him instead. The wind was knocked out of him. "Son of a-" Pitch coughed, hunched over. Outside the window, there was a Pooka, but not Bunny. This one was brown, not grey, and the eyes were red.
"Well, I surprised myself. Being able to take Aster's form, and change it to my own." The Pooka boomed.
"Ermas," Pitch grunted, "never thought that you would do something this extreme. Your brother, yes, you, never."
There was a dark laugh, "Well, that's your mistake."
"What have you done
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New Guardian- Chapter 36
"Someone wants to see you." Pitch guided her to the door, where Kristeen was waiting.
"Kristeen?" Phoenix fell to her knees as Kristeen ran over to her. Tears were running down each of their cheeks, and they clung to each other like they were the only thing that was real.
The Guardians were watching, Life and Death had disappeared, and Pitch was leaning the wall. Bunny looked over at him, and he swore he saw Pitch smiling, not in that evil way he had when he was trying to kill them, but in a nice, happy father way. As soon as it came, the smile was gone when Pitch realized Bunny was watching. The two sisters were still hugging when Bunny felt something was off. "I got to go check something," Bunny said, turning to North, "something's off."
North nodded, and Bunny disappeared into one of his tunnels. After about 5 minutes of running through the mazes, he came to a stop, slowly smelling the air. "No, it can't be." He ran faster, going to a dead end, looking behind him before wiping moss
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New Guardian- Chapter 35
"You bloody-"
"Bunny," Tooth spoke sternly to the Pooka, "enough. Now, Jack, you promised not to tell Phoenix about Kristeen."
Jack sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "I know, but she needs to know."
"So she can get herself killed trying to get her back?" Bunny directed his anger at Jack again. "Is that what you want? To get her killed?"
"She COULD turn back," Jack pointed to his angry fellow guardian.
"COULD?" Bunny shouted with silight histaria. "You want to risk her getting killed permanatly? WE HAVE NO BLOODY CLUE IF SHE'LL BE ABLE TO TURN AGAIN!" Jack winced, knowing he was right. Bunny stopped short, sniffing the air and his ears moving, catching some sound. "He's close, very-"
"You mean me?" Death cut him off, making all the guardians whirl around. Death was sitting on a car, and the guardians could see Life behind him. "You know, Pitch, you make a horrible father, letting your kid be taken away." Pitch looked angry, but in control.
"Well, I don't have to steal my daughte
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New Guardian- Chapter 34
(Phoenix pov) Last time they spoke before they broke up
"Jack, you hardly ever come around any more," I complained with a fake pout face.
"It's not easy having to protect the kids who belive." Jack was hanging upside down from his staff. I saw the lights that signaled an emergancy guardian meeting.
"You have to go." I finished putting the last detail on the picture I was just drawing of Jack hanging upside down. I gave him a peck on the cheek before he flew off.
*After they broke up, About 2 weeks after*
"Your fingertips across my skin
The palm trees swaying in the wind
I choked, continuing to walk around the small island that I was staying on for the time being.
"You sang me Spanish lullabies
The sweetest sadness in your eyes
Clever trick," I remembered the pain in Jack's icy blue eyes as he officialy broke up with me. We hadn't really broken up before, but when he came back, thats when he made it official.
"Well, I'd never want to see you unhappy
I thought you'd want the sam
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New Guardian- Chapter 33
"Frostbite, I swear, I'm going to rip your," Bunny proceeded to call Jack about 20 different names that Jack didn't even know existed. "Are you done Kangaroo?" Bunny's ears drew against his head, "I'm not a Kangaroo." North looked from Jack to Bunny, "Not to interrupt, but Jack, we found where Kristeen is being held."
The three of us had arrived at a three-story house. The third story was only on half of the second story though. Mr. Jones took my bag and showed me a room which they said was going to be mine.
"Well we'll let you change. We thought it would be nice to get you some more things to be your own, then go out to eat." I nodded and the Jones left. The snow had melted, so I went and changed into a black bennie, jeans and a pale grey long-sleeve anyway.
I was curious to see what was on the third level. I crept to the stairs and up to the third level door.I tried the handle, seeing it not locked, I opened the door. I peaked in. I was surprised, it was complet
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New Guardian- Chapter 32
Jack had gone back to where Phoenix was, dispite that the guardians had agreed not to tell Phoenix. He had to, he would feel guilty if he didn't. When he got there he heard, "YOU CAN'T! THEY DIED!" Phoenix ran upstairs. Jack followed, but staying away from her, trying to figure out what had happened.
He saw her climb down the pole, but the shards of ice on it started to make her hands bleed. She ignored it and continued to run. She wouldn't stop. When she reached the lake Jack called 'home', she dropped to her knees sobbing. He was going to go up to her, but someone yelled "PHOENIX!" The yell was worried not angry, but she continued to run. She slid on the ice and almost his a tree, muttering, "Stupid tree." Someone yelled again, this time they were closer.
"Phoenix, what're you doing?" Jack flew next to her. "I can't stand that place anymore. I just can't." She was crying, way more than Jack had seen before. Jack put his hands on her cheeks, forcing her to look at him, "Hey, it's okay
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New Guardian- Chapter 31
I stomped down the stairs only to see that the woman, Ms. Kone, that owned the place sitting with a couple. "What?" I made it clear I was mad.
"These are the Jones, and they're interested in adopting," the woman said acting like she just hadn't yelled to try to get me to hurry up. "What does this have to do with me?" I acted like I had no clue what was going on. Ms. Kone cleared her throat, "We're letting the Jones meet everyone so that they can see who they like the best."
"Do I have to?" I looked at them. "Yes, now sit," Ms. Kone said, clearly getting irritated. The kiss-ups ran into the room, "Ma'm, Ma'm we found this in Phoenix's room!" They held up an egg with multiple designs on it. One was me, another was Bunny, then flames, and Bunny's warren.
"Put that down!" I yelled jumping up. "Phoenix, you know you're not allowed to keep food in your room," Kone looked at the kiss-ups, "get rid of it." I stared as one of the kids were getting ready yo throw it out the window. "YOU DO ANYTH
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New Guardian- Chapter 30
(Goes to Phoenix)
"Hey Jonathan, do you mind, you know, shutting up?" It was after dinner, the worst part of the day. Some kids get crazy and have about 10 sodas, which make them even more hyper. Jonathan was yelling like there was no tomorrow.
"Um, how about, no," the kid said then continued yelling. I groaned and walked away yo my room. When I opened the door, I was horrified and beyond angry. Three of the kiss-ups were going through what little I had. Jack had given me letters from the guardians, telling them it was a exercise to say good-bye or something.
The three kids were sitting on the floor, the letters were ripped at their feet, and were ruining anything that had anything to do with any holiday. "WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!" The little kiss-ups went to talk when I yelled, "OUT! NOW!" As they left, I snatched my stuff from their hands.
The kids had destroyed the only thing I had left from the guardians. "Phoenix? Are you okay?" I kept my door locked and collapsed onto my bed, sobbing,
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New Guardian- Chapter 29
I looked around the place wasn't bad, but it wasn't impressive. They put me in a foster home till I would turn 18, which was in about two years. My mom was in jail, drinking and driving, of course. She had managed to stay out, but it finally caught up with her. I stayed away from everyone for a good week. Jack had found me, I don't know how, but he did. We talked a little about Death's plan, but mostly what was going on with the guardians since I left.
"Bunny's not really the same, he can't keep his mind on what's going on. He get's injured more than often. North is focused on the toys for Christmas, Tooth is the same as always, same is Sandy." Jack was touching one of the flowers I had gotten as a 'I'm sorry for what happened', making the rose become frosted over.
"That's not what I asked Jack," I sat on my bed with my knee's to my chest. He had made it snow where it was, I still didn't know exactly where I was. Jack was walking, well more like pacing. I stared at him, waiting for him
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New Guardian- Chapter 28
Bunny took off toward the fire. "Bunny!" Jack ran after him. When he reached Bunny, he was banging on the glass trying to break it. Smoke poured from the slightest opening between the glass and the frame of the car.
(Flashes to Phoenix)
We were about 6 blocks, maybe, from the lake when it happened. A car came speeding through the intercetion. The two crashed together, our car caught on fire. The smoke started to fill up the air, and worst of all the person driving was knocked out. I was coughing, trying to find a way out. The two driver side doors were caved in and wouldn't open, along with my passenger door.
There was banging on the glass, like someone was trying to break it. Frost covered the glass and then it shattered. I recognized bunny's paw as he yanked open the door pulling me out. "Phoenix," he breathed hugging me. I coughed into his shoulder and tried to tell him that someone else was in the car. "Don't worry. Pitch is taking care of that guy," Bunny nodded toward Pitch, who
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New Guardian- Chapter 27
Re cap: "Bunny is going to kill me," Jack muttered to himself walking around on the ice, jumping slightly when he heard, "You got that right, mate."
"So you wouldn't tell us where she was because you wanted her all to yourself is that right? You know what don't answer that Frostbite." Bunny was starting to pace. Tooth was fluttering around, nervous, North was trying to talk and calm down Bunny, who was still pacing, and Sandy was 'arguing' with Pitch who wasn't trying to kill everyone.
"Bunny, I didn't-" Jack started walking toward Bunny, who flipped his head so fast that Jack could assume that he got whip-lash. "Don't even start," Bunny growled practically standing over Jack, his ears drawn against his head. The 6 foot 1 Pooka looked like he wanted to kill Jack. "Bunny, I- Phoenix was the one who-" Jack was cut off when Bunny growled, not a 'I'm angry' growl, but a 'If you say another word I'm going to kill you' growl.
Everyone froze. They had never heard Bunny growl like that, and th
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New Guardian- Chapter 26
Jack flew back to North's where everyone was waiting. "Where is she Frostbite?" Bunny looked and sounded angry.
"She left for a reason, Cottontail. She doesn't want to be found. Phoeni-" Jack was trying to say without making Bunny even more mad. "What do you mean, 'Not want to be found'? Why wouldn't she want to be found?" Bunny growled, his ears against his head, anger visible in his expression and the way he stood. Jack shifted from foot to foot, "She said it would be easier if, um well if, if, all of us forget she was ever here and continue like we would have before she was here."
Bunny looked like he was going to kill something, then Pitch came from the shadows, "Where's my daughter Frost?" Jack looked at him, "She doesn't want to be found. She wants to be left to be human." Pitch looked beyond mad, "Tell me where she is." Jack shook his head, "I won't know I'm going to go think, alone."
Jack went to 'his' pond, where he was surprised to see Phoenix sitting on the ice looking at th
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Jack Frost pics by PhoenixsGuardians Jack Frost pics :iconphoenixsguardians:PhoenixsGuardians 1 5
New Guardian- Chapter 25
"Wait, if she's human, then she can't stay here." Bunny looked worried. North nodded, "This was what Death wanted." Phoenix looked sad, "I'll go get my stuff."
Once she left the room he and the other guardians got into a heated conversation. "You can't just leave her out there. Death could get to her and kill her permanently," Bunny was practically hissing. "Bunny I know you care for her, but we can't let her stay. If Death comes back she wouldn't be able to defend herself, it would do more damage than good," North hissed back. They kept their voices low so Phoenix wouldn't hear. What they didn't know was that Phoenix had already made her decision.
"Where's Phoenix?" Kristeen said walking from Phoenix's room. Jack knew exactly where she was. "I'll be right back, 10 minutes tops." He let the wind carry him to where Phoenix had died and became a guardian. She was sitting on a bench, messing with one of the buttons on a jacket she had on.
"Why's you just leave?" Jack landed by her, sittin
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New Guardian- Chapter 24
Phoenix jolted up. She looked panicked, but only to add to things Kristeen came through a portal North opened to go back. "PHOENIX!" She ran straight to her and threw her arms around her neck. "Oh, Kristeen. You can see me." Phoenix was crying, but unlike before she wasn't getting burned. Snow was falling and Phoenix was dripping wet.
"Come on mate, let's go get you warmed up." Bunny said picking up Kristeen, but talking to Phoenix. She wrapped her arms around his neck, "Thanks." Bunny looked confused, "For what?" Phoenix smiled, her teeth were unreasonably white, "For that." She pointed to the pool and Bunny understood. She was thanking him for bringing her back to herself.
"And Bunny, I was overreacting. I shouldn't have, it wasn't as big a deal as I was making it." Bunny smiled, at least she forgave him some. He knew she wouldn't forgive him fully, it showed in her eyes, "I shouldn't have said it. Well at least it doesn't apply anymore."
Once they got back to North's when it happene
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Aster BunnymundXReader (Request)
Spring was in the air and life was good. It was getting close to spring and your twin little brother and sister were getting excited. Waiting for the Easter Bunny to come and hide eggs for them. You were 15, and enjoyed their excitement.
They said they knew the Easter Bunny and had promised that they’d introduce you to him. You had just laughed and told them okay. They had smiled and continued playing. It wasn’t like you didn’t believe in The Easter Bunny. But you just didn’t think about it anymore. But you could feel that every time they would talk about him, you couldn’t help but feel a little hope that he was real.
The snow had finally melted, except for the places where it had been piled up. Easter had arrived and your twin siblings were practically bouncing off the walls with excitement.
“Hurry up [Name]! Don’t you want to meet him?!” they asked animatedly. You chuckled at their expressions and set a hand over your forehead.
:iconspiritstien111:SpiritStien111 316 97
Rise of the Guardians Bunnymund by TFGlider Rise of the Guardians Bunnymund :icontfglider:TFGlider 58 3 Bunnymund and his Easter Egg(? by irosyan Bunnymund and his Easter Egg(? :iconirosyan:irosyan 238 11 Bunnymund Shorts: White Chocolate by mangabreadroll Bunnymund Shorts: White Chocolate :iconmangabreadroll:mangabreadroll 60 3 Tooth Google+ Cover by TimeLordTheValkyrie Tooth Google+ Cover :icontimelordthevalkyrie:TimeLordTheValkyrie 25 2 North Google+ Cover by TimeLordTheValkyrie North Google+ Cover :icontimelordthevalkyrie:TimeLordTheValkyrie 21 0 Jack Frost Google+ Cover by TimeLordTheValkyrie Jack Frost Google+ Cover :icontimelordthevalkyrie:TimeLordTheValkyrie 39 7 Even the Nightmare King has a ticklish spot... by CeeJayFrost Even the Nightmare King has a ticklish spot... :iconceejayfrost:CeeJayFrost 118 105 Pitch Black Google+ Cover by TimeLordTheValkyrie Pitch Black Google+ Cover :icontimelordthevalkyrie:TimeLordTheValkyrie 87 5



So, I just got the books, and I'm going to do 'research' for the New Guardian story. Just so you know, I'm making it that Bunny was human, then turned into a Pooka. I know that's more than likely not true, but I thought it would fit for the story.

Just so you know, incase you've NEVER heard of the books, they're:
1) Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King
2) E.Aster Bunnymund and the warrior eggs at the Earth's core!  (Yes there is an ! in the title)
3) Toothiana Queen of the Tooth Fairy armies


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